Should I start watermarking my GIFs and JPGs?

It’s rare, but I’ve been seeing stuff downloaded and reposted without attribution, not just mine but some other glitch art types I know, and it gets tiresome. I think watermarking is kinda tacky personally, and ultimately I don’t care if someone else reposts something I’ve made, but maybe someone who likes it might like some of the other stuff I do and might not see it otherwise?

I found out today that someone I knew from high school committed suicide. Her husband passed away several months ago, and she just couldn’t get to the acceptance stage of grief. They had a son. I can’t imagine what he’s going through right now.

I didn’t recognize her married name, but once I found out her maiden name I found her picture in my senior yearbook just to see if it was her. It was.

Six yearbooks, from 1982 to 1987, have been sitting in the basement ever since I moved into this place, collecting ten years worth of musty odor and a thick layer of dust. I remember arguing with my parents about whether to keep them or not. I would have been fine with throwing them all in a fireplace. They told me that there would come a time in my life when I’d regret not having them.

I guess they were right. Now that my classmates are dying, I guess now I have a handy resource to see if I remembered them or not. Maybe someone will do the same for me when I die - read the obituary, think to themselves about how my name sounded vaguely familiar, look up my senior picture and say, “oh yeah, I remember him”, put the book back in the box in the basement and forget about it until someone else dies.